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Ask Alexa: Meal Planning/Meal Prepping

Ask Alexa Question:

What can you recommend someone prepare for lunch daily that is easy, doesn't require a lot of work, and most importantly...HEALTHY?

Lexa’s extra:

In order to be easy and healthy you have to meal plan and meal prep. That’s the only way.... pick a grain to cook a big batch of, select a few vegetables, pick a protein (animal or plant based). Pick one day set aside 1-2 hours and get cooking. Get your containers, pack it up! Meals will last approximately 5-6 days depending on what you cooked. Vegetables and grains can last longer, animal protein no longer than 5 days.

An example of meal prepping:

1 cup dry brown rice ($1)
Bella mushrooms ($2-$5)
1 Head cauliflower ($2-$3)
1 lb broccoli ($2)
Rotisserie Chicken ($5)
Frozen corn - organic ($2)
Garbanzo Beans ($1)
Salsa ($2)

Total: $19*
Number of meals: at least 5
Total per meal: approx $4
Time investment: 1-2 hours —> turn on a movie or a Netflix documentary to watch while you prepare

*Total does not include pantry items (oil and seasonings, salt & pepper) or containers

Cost of eating out per meal $9-$15

Invest in yourself, your health and your wallet

Video Correction @1:22: not Tabbouleh it is Bulgur Wheat 😏

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