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Ask Alexa: Dessert with no Sugar

Ask Alexa Question:

Alexa, I want to make a dessert using no sugar, honey, syrup or artificial sweeteners. Do you have any suggestions?

Lexa’s extras:

One suggestion for a dessert that you can make with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners is a Galette. It sounds fancy but it is simply a free-form pie, or a rustic tart. They are very versatile and simple to make. Galettes can be savory or sweet. The savory version would be made with vegetables and cheese with herbs. For dessert the sweet version, we use fruits. It is very easy to make this dessert with no additional sweeteners because when you cook the fruit natural sugars intensify and you will be surprised just how sweet it can be.

The Galette I made is a Stone Fruit Galette with Nectarines and Plums. The crust I made is gluten-free, because yea that gluten does not like my joints, and I want to be enjoy this dessert!

You can easily find a recipe online for Galettes, but you really don’t need one. It is truly that easy!

There are benefits to using sugar in baking and cooking; balance of flavors, that nice caramelized color, and the proper texture. If you want to be conscious of the amount of sugar you are using in dessert just start reducing the amount of sugar. See what happens, cooking and baking are simply experiments, right 😜

However, nowadays people are discovering and re-discovering natural alternatives to sugar. Fresh and Dried fruits are the automatic go to.

Alexa Wajed