My dreams have grown wings!

by Alexa Joan

Alexa Joan

Alexa Joan Wajed is a buffalo born creative entrepreneur.  A Trained Chef, Visual Artist and Jewelry designer. 

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Classes & Meals

Alexa Joan teaches cooking classes, has meal prep programs, catering options and is a food educator - contact her to speak to your organization.

Abstract Line Work: Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract Line Work: Acrylic on Canvas

Art & Design

Abstract line art that can be translated to fabric, prints, home decor and more...

Jewelry Design

Coined as #Fleathers... light and lyrical - purchase your fleathers TODAY!



Alexa Wajed is a buffalo born creative entrepreneur.  A visual artist, trained chef and jewelry designer. Alexa along with her husband Edreys Wajed owned a greeting card and stationery design company for almost 20 years which enabled them to open a brick a mortar gallery, Gallery 51 on Elmwood avenue in the early 2000s, one of the few black-owned businesses on the strip at the time. 

After many years in the corporate sector, Alexa returned back to school to earn an additional degree in culinary arts and had the unique opportunity to have an externship on the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy for 10 weeks. 

Currently, Alexa is an adjunct professor at a local college, a mother of two young boys and makes time to serve a faithful and growing clientele as a personal chef. She enjoys servicing people in need, mentoring the youth and creating abstract art along with unique hand painted jewelry which is sold online and in a few local gift shops and galleries.